MSP 2017 springboard: A journey to be Caterpillar into a butterfly.

  • August 14, 2016

Being a part of MIC Nepal is a learning phase. I was worried concerning my programs and features after i got selected as an MSP but a program called “Springboard” motivated me to do the best. The program wasn’t a seminar or conference or meeting, it was a inspiring program, how to transform a  Caterpillar into a butterfly.


who knows better than Allen sir to motivate youngster, in order to transfer into a experienced one.
Indeed it was a happy moment when i was selected as MSP for 2017. More than that i was excited about the projects or programs that MIC offers through Microsoft student partners which it has selected. The most awaited moment; first meeting with other MSPs’ who are on the journey to be a butterfly from a Caterpillar .There was a lot  of excitement when MIC Nepal announced dates for “MSP 2017 Springboard” and i  immediately registered for the event.

The venue of the event was on the 4th floor of the MIC Nepal building. There was a hall recently constructed huge enough to include hunderes of peoples.We were the first one to Inaugurate that beautiful hall.We (all MSPs) in the hotter temperature was waiting for the event to begin. The AC was not working properly and the temperature of that hall was increasing.Finally the event got started by Allen sir, he warmly welcomed all MSPs’. He told few things about the program & cleared the notion about “springboard” which we all were awaiting to be familiar with.The meaning of that word was quite logical and it means that this program is jumping board for MSPs to get knowledge how to transform from Caterpillar to beautiful butterflies.This really was a awesome thought.At that moment I was excited because Msp program is going to be life changing moment for me.

The hall was full and everybody was interested to learn new things and to catch new ideas.At first day of program we learned many things like photography,video making,Presentation skills and much more about blogging.As an IT students these skills are really important in our life.Second day was quite different from first day ,it was full of technical session.That day we learned about Office 365, Azure and cloud and much more about windows 10.Besides this, the panel of Msp Alumni was really interesting and we get chance to learn about their experience and it was really motivating to us.Another panel of faculty members from different college were also quite much more interesting.They suggested us to develop skills from different extra curricular activities.Also got chance to learn about the gap between academics and our professional career.
To summarize those two days of  ‘Msp spring board’ program was quite inspiring and motivational.We got chance to learn many things about our life and our career. Those two days became one of the memorable moments in my life.I got chance to meet with new friends and got chance to learn alot. The musical session of previous MSPs was really awesome,panels of previous MSPs was motivational and whole presentation of Allen sir’s was really inspiring,motivational and dedicated to us.
Thank you!
Sudeep paudel
Msp (2017):College Of Applied Business (CAB)




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