Gap Between Academics and IT industry of the Nepal

  • November 2, 2018

Sudeep Paudel (Published on CABANA vol 2)

IT means information technology. The word IT itself an Important part of people’s daily
life. World is dynamic and in this dynamic world there is huge demand of manpower in the
information technology. Now a day’s technology has become important part of human’s daily
life. It’s demand and scope is huge in this global market.
According to the research the demand of manpower in computer science and
information technology is high. And world’s top position job is under the computer science. The
basic skills of computer science have become as important as our mother tongue. The reason
behind the popularity of IT is its global application and median to reduce the huge human
effort. Due to its huge demand the world seems like to be a small village.
While talking about the impact and demand of IT in Nepalese market. Though we are
small in geography but we are competing with the global market. Every organization, market
and various sectors have been covered with technology. Not even the market also our
academics and curriculum has various field related to computer science. Universities have been
running various faculty of IT & computer science. While comparing the academics and market
we can see a huge Gap between them. Our curriculum and academics couldn’t able to fulfill the
requirement of market. The requirement of this market has fulfilled by such manpower who
has taken skill oriented trainings from various institute. While talking with the students passed
out from university their answer is same that is our academics is outdated. We are learning the
technology of 80’s and 90’s which has zero application in modern technology. Such type of
bitter truth is in our academics. Let’s compare the technology before five years and present we
see huge difference and it seems to be complicated. But our university is teaching such
academics which was designed about a decade ago and has never revised. That’s why student
cannot adjust within the market.
Therefore, this is the present scenario of Nepal’s IT market and academics. Due to such
scenario, our academics is creating a huge gap between the IT market. If this problem isn’t
solved in the time, then our academics will definitely be deviated out of track which may results
the negative consequences and may lead the bad effect on the future of students.

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